You’re just blissfully going with the flow… while I control the current.

So much planning and thought goes into your wedding. Honestly, you shouldn’t have to do it alone. This is your first time afterall and I’ve been around the block plenty.

Join me for a little imagination walk?

RKM specialty

step-by-step process

After stalking my Instagram and reading glowing reviews from past clients (who are now friends), you’re ready to introduce yourself via my contact form. I'll reply with evidence that I am, in fact, a real person including a pricing guide, a few full galleries from past weddings, and a link to book a consult with me!
Meet & Greet
Here’s the part where I dazzle you with my personality and overshare in an endearing way that makes you comfortable. You'll confess just how overwhelmed you are with wedding planning. Don’t worry—I have all the answers (even to the questions you haven’t asked yet)—so you can stop pulling your hair out now. You hang up feeling totally reassured about your big day and then receive a follow-up email from me trying to play it cool about how excited I am—but no pressure. The door is open for you to ask any questions while I am patiently pacing on the other side.
Make it official
I spend an undisclosed amount of time second guessing every single joke I made on our consultation call until you ultimately decided to hire me as your wedding photographer. Between happy dancing sessions, I email you the contract and deposit paperwork. You sign and every resource at my disposal is yours—including a list of wedding vendors that I have had the absolute pleasure of working with. You officially have a wedding photographer! Cue more happy dancing (yes, I am very sweaty at this point).
Tacos & margs on me?
How can you be your mushiest, weirdest, and most vulnerable self in front of someone that you’ve never met in person before? Meeting on your wedding day is simply unacceptable, so we’ll plan a happy hour date. Appetizers are my love language—they’re the gateway to good conversation, unfiltered commiserating, and inappropriate jokes. We can talk about your wedding and I'll help with planning or we can ignore it all and just get to know each other.
Tidy things up
Behind the scenes, I’ll be getting as much information as possible to craft the perfect, detail-oriented timeline for you. All of your vendors will know me by your wedding day (we are your A-Team after all!). I will even introduce myself to your officiant to learn about your traditions and religious affiliation so I can capture significant moments while being respectful.
Wedding Day
Knock Knock—it’s me! Yes, I'm there early with your favorite coffee in hand, ready to tackle all the chaos happening behind the scenes. Time to be madly-ridiculous in love and celebrate with your closest loved ones! I’ll be there to help bustle your dress, wipe your husband's sweaty face, and capture all the moments you were too busy living to notice. (And while you're on your honeymoon, you just might get a few sneak peeks of my favorite moments of the day!)
Memory lane
Get the tissues—your full gallery is ready. Your couch is now a private time machine with each image taking you back to the emotions of that moment—moments that you can now hold and revisit for the rest of your amazing lives together. As for me, I am just a FaceTime and coffee date away—eager to capture all of the milestones yet to come!
Not only is it a pleasure to watch her vision unfold, but her efficiency dwarfs that of any wedding planner. We decided to get married during Covid, and the details of our small, private ceremony were constantly changing. Rebecca handled each obstacle as if it had been intended from the start.

- Adriana Dempsey

All walks of life

Whether your wedding is in a temple, church, backyard or in a pasture next to cow pies—I always communicate with the officiant before the wedding day to learn about the ceremony. I love to learn the significance of everything you’ve chosen to include in the ceremony so I can respectfully capture the most integral parts. I’ve had the honor of couples trusting me to capture a full Christian worship ceremony, Vietnamese tea lighting ceremony, hora-loca, ketubah signing, and debeken. Every single wedding is beautiful and soul-filling—I seriously can’t believe this is my job.

Come madly in love and I’ll take care of the rest.


what is your pricing?

I offer three wedding photography packages plus a la carte items for your wedding day needs.
Packages range from $2,500 to $6,000+ and a la carte options are available. Inquire to receive more details on what’s included in my wedding photography packages. I offer customized packages as well so even if you don’t see a package that fits your needs let’s still connect. 


final questions

Hell yes! Traveling is one of my favorite things to do – from other cities in Texas to other states in the US to international destinations, anywhere you want to go, I’ll be there!

First things first – fill out the contact form to inquire about your date. If that all looks good, we’ll chat and I’ll have you sign your contract and pay the deposit. Afterwards, we’ll set up a date to grab coffee or cocktails so we can get to know each other better! In full transparency, be prepared to come out of the meeting with a new friend – I’m not kidding!

Of course! In business and in life, I believe in equality – regardless of race, gender identity & sexuality. Your story matters.

Absolutely! Tell me your budget, and I’ll create something that will work just for you.

Ah, a question I receive often (and I don’t blame you, I’d want to know too). My turnaround time looks a little like this – a week after your shoot I’ll send you sneak peeks, and for full galleries it will be 8-12 weeks!

RAW Files to me are like seeds to a plant. You’re paying me to turn that seed into something beautiful – and I won’t give you back that seed because now it’s a beautiful plant! 

(If you still want the RAW Files, I will offer them for an additional very steep charge.)

Don’t worry about a single thing! By this point remember that we’ll already basically be friends – and I’ll be directing, posing and guiding you throughout the entire shoot. Think of shooting with me as a laid back, fun hangout with a camera, I promise you’ll look great and feel comfortable.

YES! I have great recommendations for vendors I’ve worked with previously and highly recommend checking them out! After you’ve booked, I send over the full list of vendor recommendations — AND some even offer discounts to couples who are referred through me!

Shoot me an email, and I’ll get back to you!


I only have 5 star reviews due to working exclusively

with 5 star humans