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Let’s be real. Authentic love isn’t perfectly posed—it’s soul-stirring, badass in the best way. Maybe even a lil messy and sentimental. It’s my job to capture that love while you’re off experiencing it.

When it comes to your wedding day, I know what you’re most looking forward to isn’t the decor or Instagram photos. It’s wiping tears off your best friend’s face when you say ‘I do’, the ones closest to you cheering you on, actually eating the incredible food you ordered, and going to sleep with cheeks that hurt from smiling. You deserve to be fully immersed in this thoughtful and intentional day you crafted.

Rebecca really did set the atmosphere for our entire wedding— which is a testament to not only her work, but her personality. She took the vision I’ve had my entire life and turned it into reality.

- Bre Sweet

who am i?

I’m Rebecca and you should know I’ll work harder than your A/C in the summertime.

If I can create an environment on your wedding day where you and your loved ones feel comfortable, trust me, the images of your dreams will follow. How do I do it? 

I’ll be on the ground trying to get the perfect shot. I’ll play interference with drunk relatives, hunt down snacks for you, help you sneak away so you can just be together for a moment, and keep your only focus on the present. Because seriously, your day is about SO much more than the photos. It’s about truly embracing it all.


You only get one wedding

Live the best day of your life while I capture all the moments you cannot get back.

Remember that time your aisle was crooked and the DJ was frazzled? No? Because I straightened both of those things out!

  • I have answers to the questions you haven’t asked yet.
  • I’m behind the scenes solving the problems you’ll never know about.
  • And you’ll rest easy knowing that, as your friend, I’m all in for you.

After it’s all said and done, you’ll be left with images to enjoy what the day really was. 

2024/2025 WEDDINGS – 

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2023/2024 WEDDINGS

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I only have 5 star reviews due to working exclusively

with 5 star humans

Emotive and timeless images that make you 

The easiest decision you'll make

Wedding planning is chaotic.
I see you, I hear you.

Lucky for you I thrive in chaos—I love that shit—so I’ll happily take allll of that off your plate so you can go into your wedding day well-rested, with your sanity intact. It’s hard to put a price tag on something like that, but I did my best.